Buyer Beware

 Buyer Beware!

Don’t get ‘SOLD’ traditional insulation technology, developed in the 1800’s, masquerading as a modern energy saving product…

Traditional Fibered Insulation Products Simply Cannot Work Efficiently…

The vast majority of home builders today use traditional fiber insulation because it is considered cheap and quick. It is also usually installed by the lowest bidder – the guy with the lowest possible price. Unscrupulous contractors can charge less, because they skimp on time required to properly install it, knowing in advance that homeowners will pay a stiff energy penalty.

The actual performance of traditionally used insulation is dramatically reduced because of poor installation practices. The resulting gaps, voids, compressed areas and improper fit within the installed spaces, result in huge energy losses. It is estimated that as little as 3% of missed insulation area can equal a 50% reduction in the insulation’s effective R-value.

Demand the superior product, Spray Foam Insulation from Energy Solutions. We guarantee that your home will perform better than with any other type of insulation, as Spray Foam provides a ‘complete solution’ including thermal efficiency, air seal and moisture management system all-in-one, ensuring the most energy efficient and comfortable home for your family.


Spray Foam is the very best insulation available today at any price. It not only insulates well, it stops air infiltration, has a low moisture permeability, stops condensation, does not support convection heat loss, and completely pays for itself in energy savings in a short amount of time.

Often, builders take for granted the installed pricing data of traditional insulation products as ‘total costs’ without taking into consideration the additional materials and labor required to complete a building using these poorly performing products. For example, they do not count the cost of building wraps, polyethylene, taping, spot foaming, caulking, etc. and the large amount of additional labor required when they attempt to seal a traditionally insulated home. They ultimately end up with a very poor air seal that results in considerably higher energy costs year after year.

Today’s homeowners should demand an insulation product that is Green, effective, safe, healthy, environmentally sensitive, and affordable not only in its purchase, but more importantly in the ongoing operating costs of the home.

You only insulate once, but you’re going to pay Heating and Cooling energy costs forever.

Envirofoam– the intelligent choice for your home.

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