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Cellulose Insulation Installation

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly product that can help maximize the energy efficiency of your home, cellulose insulation is the way to go. Made from mostly recycled materials, cellulose loose-fill insulation is considered one of the most environmentally friendly insulation products on the market today.

Whether you need to insulate your whole home or just your basement, cellulose is an effective solution. Really, it's great for any area of your home and provides many of the same performance characteristics as fiberglass insulation, like sound control.

If you want to insulate your Springfield area home using cellulose, the experts at envirofoam Insulation can help. We can inspect your home and tell you where you need to insulate and how much insulation you need!

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation Installation

In addition to helping decrease your energy bills, cellulose insulation:

  • Reduces outside noises
  • Makes your home's interior more comfortable
  • Has a high R-value (almost 4 per inch)
  • Has environmentally friendly characteristics (contains more than 80% recycled material)
  • Can decrease or eliminate air infiltration

With cellulose insulation, you truly get what you pay for. Your home in Central Illinois is guaranteed to be more comfortable and energy efficient! And if you want to go green when insulating or re-insulting your home, as one of the most environmentally friendly types of insulation, cellulose is the best you could ask for.

If you want to insulate your Central Illinois home using cellulose, don't wait - call envirofoam. We offer free home insulation assessments to ensure you get the cellulose insulation you need to start saving money - contact our Installers today!

Home Energy Audit


Do you know your home’s winter heating loss? 
Or where that heat is escaping from? That’s only one of the many things you can find out in a home energy audit.A Home Energy Audit includes an extensive data collection, testing and reporting process. The Building Performance Institute has created a set of nationally recognized standards for these audits and certifies auditors. Call us today to get on the list for your energy audit and start saving money. 1-877-362-6552

About us

                Envirofoam’s corporate office is located in Springfield Illinois. Our installers service the entire country.  Most bids can be done by square footage measurements from the general contractor, home owner or plans. Our bidding office then e mails out your full bid with guaranteed price. Once accepted we will schedule a date and time to install. We have sales people working in Chicago Illinois, Peoria Illinois, Bloomington Illinois, Decatur Illinois, Marion Illinois, Clarksville Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee, St. Louis Missouri, Springfield Missouri, the quad cities and many other areas nationwide. Please contact us with any questions.

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