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Home Energy Audit


Money Isn't all your saving with a full home energy Audit.

Envirofoam is here to make your building as GREEN and HEALTHY as possible!

Every member of Envirofoam is a Certified Building Performance Institute, BPI, Building Analyst Professional. This means we are certified to perform a whole home energy audit/performance review and find your buildings energy strengths and more importantly it’s weaknesses. We also take great care to make sure your combustion appliances are working correctly and your indoor air quality meets or exceeds minimum standards.

We take the “Building-Is-A-System” approach and thoroughly inspect the inside and outside of your building to pinpoint and prioritize areas for improvement. With our state of the art diagnostic tools and computer energy modeling software, we will lay out a specific plan on how to make your building more efficient. With our “Energy Performance Plan” in hand, you can take the necessary actions to save you energy and money! You can implement these changes yourself or Envirofoam can be contracted to do the work for you.

According to the national Home Energy Rating Service, an average home’s duct work leaks 30% of your warm or cool air into the outside! That’s your money just blowin’ in the wind! Duct system testing and sealing is a great way to save lots of energy for little cost of improvement.

A Whole Building Performance Review consists of:

1. Visual Inspection of the entire building inside and out, looking for moisture/mold issues, insulation type and effectiveness, animal infestation, and foundation issues.
2. Blower Door Test with Infrared Camera Scan, which accurately assess and locates your buildings significant air leaks, and determines the amount of healthy air changes per hour.
3. Combustion Appliance Safety Testing to make sure your gas appliances are still running efficiently and aren’t back drafting and leaking Carbon Monoxide into your building.
4. Appliance Efficiency tests, phantom load Calculations and Lighting Efficiency review, to predict how much energy you waste and can easily save with updated equipment.
-The Energy Audit lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how complicated your building is, and costs $395 for a building under 3,500 square feet and $495 for any building over 3,500 square feet and $50 for every additional 1,000 square feet.


A Comprehensive Duct System Inspection consists of:

1. Duct Blaster Test to determine the total amount of leaks in your duct system.
2. Duct System Fog Blast to accurately see where the leaks are and how to fix them.
3. Duct System Visual Inspection, to see if the ducts are clean and if mold, insulation, feces, or any other contaminants are entering your duct system and your buildings air.
4. Air Handler/Furnace Inspection to make sure your filters are clean, and your unit is running as efficiently as possible.
5. Duct System Report showing pictures and all the details regarding your duct system, as well as how to fix all the problems.
-A Duct System Inspection takes 1-2 hours and costs $200. We will credit that $200 toward any duct sealing or duct insulation work that envirofoam does on the building tested. The Duct System Inspection is $100 if done at the same time as a whole building energy audit.We will credit that $100 toward any duct sealing or duct insulation work that envirofoam does on the building tested.


A Thermal Image Diagnostic consists of:

1. Assembling a blower door system to depressurize your building.
2. Thoroughly scanning your building with the Thermal Imaging Camera locating significant air leaks.
-This service lasts 1-2 hours and costs $200. You will receive a report with pictures and descriptions of all the areas showing significant air leaks.


Envirofoam is a ameren act on enery alli, which means our team can perform all the dirty work to make your building Lean and Green!
This work includes:
1. Air sealing, duct sealing, weatherizing, and weather striping.
2. Insulating attics, walls, floors pipes and ducts.
3. Installing new energy efficient doors and/or windows.
4. Installing new efficient furnaces, heat pumps, water heaters.
-The cost of the contracting work is estimated on a case by case basis depending on what performance work is necessary and what can save you the most energy and money!

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