Eve Damming

Eve Damming


            Eve damming was designed by our very own Builder and owner of envirofoam to combat the aggravating problem with installing cellulose and fiberglass in the attic area. While Doing thermal infrared home inspection one of the largest air infiltration problems in a home new or pre existing is that when the slotted soffit is installed during construction and the air chutes to the attic area, there is always air entering the attic and over time will push back the lose fill insulation whether it be cellulose or fiberglass. This will blow the insulation back and create very cold pockets along the ceiling/exterior walls. The temperature difference is known to be more than 40 degrees in some inspections because of this problem.

            The solution to this problem is “Eve Damming”. The installer installs the air chute as normally done in an open air attic. Then the foam technician seals the area from the top plate of the wall to the angle of the roof with 4 inches of closed cell foam insulation. This intern prevents any unwanted air entering the attic and blowing the insulation away from the edges and creating a cold spot along the outer ceiling of the home and drastically reducing your heating and air bills. This will also stop all loose fill insulation from blowing into the eves of your home when installed.

            This type of install can be done in new construction and Pre existing homes. The average cost for a new construction home of 2000 square feet runs $883.50 to have this properly installed by envirofoam.

This picture shows how slopy the normal insulation along the eve's are installed. Notice the celulose blown onto the soffit vents.

This picture shows the eve foam damming.Notice the card board air chute on the left hand side.This allows air to move from the soffit to the open air attic.

This picture shows Foam baffles being installed.



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