ICC spray foam

Envirofoam of America also sprays Lapolla and Bayseal brand spray foam. If you are an architect and need ICC reports and information we have supplied them below. Lapolla and Bayseal brand spray foam insulation has ICC reports for open and closed cell foam insulation. If we are bidding your project and you require ICC approved foam please let the bidding office know that you want to use Lapolla or Bayseal brand spray foam insulation.

Lapolla Data Sheets

         2009 ICC report for Lapolla closed cell foam insulation

         2009 ICC report for Lapolla open cell foam insulation

         Lapolla Closed cell data sheet

Bayseal Data Sheets

         2009 ICC report for Bayseal CC ( closed cell ) foam insulation

         2010 ICC report for Bayseal OP ( open cell ) foam insulation

What is The ICC

The ICC certification is the certification issued by the International Code Council. The council deals with building safety and fire prevention. They have developed the codes used to build residential and commercial buildings. Most municipalities, cities and states have adopted these building codes for standardization.


  • The council is a non-government organization that allows cities and states to collaborate on the creation of building and fire codes and standards. The codes created by ICC are complete, standardized and comprehensive.

The Certification

  • The ICC certification makes you qualified and knowledgeable of all the building codes within the ICC code book. It allows you to move into management and planning departments for various building companies as well as municipalities, cities and state agencies related to building and zoning. You can become ICC certified by successfully completing of one or more examinations and submitting the appropriate documentation.

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