Foam Insulation vs other insulation

Many installers will argue that foam insulation is a superior insulator than fiberglass. The greatest advantage that foam has over fiberglass is its ability to expand into areas that may be harder to fill with fiberglass, allowing an airtight seal. Insulating all the hard-to-teach nooks and crannies in your home will results in a significant cost savings in your heating and energy bills.

The foam polyurethane insulation can be sprayed intp crawl spaces, tight corners and other hard-to-reach places in the home. The use of form insulation increases the r-value of the home, which is a measure of its insulation capability. A higher r-value means that the home is more energy efficient than one with a lower r-value. This also makes users of foam insulation more environmentally responsible.


Insulation Comparison

Choosing Foam versus Fiberglass Insulation

Choosing between foam and fiberglass insulation may initially be a cost or budget choice. Looking long-term however, you may find that the cost savings that are derived from foam insulation in terms of reduced energy bills and lower replacement and maintenance costs makes foam the better choice. The higher up-front investment will pay large dividends in the future.

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