Back side of new construction roof deck and walls with open cell 


Closed Cell Foam insulation in 2nd floor

Spray Foam insulation with bright white paint.

1.6 Lb medium density spray foam insulation.
Wall cavity

 Exterior walls new construction 1.6 Lb foam



Installing Spray Foam Insulation in 

New Orleans Louisiana, Baton Rouge Louisiana
and the Houma Louisiana  


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Envirofoam spray foam insulation

envirofoam insulation is a  licensed & insured spray foam insulation specialist for Residential & Commercial projects. Our team of specialists are trained in all aspects of spray foam insulation including Open & Closed Cell products.


   The proper insulating of your home or business is critical to preventing energy loss through winter heat loss or summer heat gains.

    Fiberglass insulation is hugely inefficient & leaves much to be desired. It leaves gaps, cracks, crevices unprotected especially in areas that are hard to reach for installers.

    Modern Spray Foam Insulation(SFI) utilizes pressurized liquid polyurethane foam applied through a spray nozzle. Spray foam expands on contact to form a continuous barrier to seal & fill the places of energy loss that you can’t even see

Where does envirofoam install?

We install all across America but most of our residential installs are located in 

New Orleans Louisiana 70112

Baton Rouge Louisiana 70801

Houma Louisiana 70360

Morgan city Louisiana 70380

Covington Louisiana 70433

Lafayette Louisiana    70501

Kaplan Louisiana 70548

Amite Louisiana 70422


Why Closed cell?

This spray-in-place polyurethane foam has been used for years in refrigerators, commercial coolers and thermos bottles, and when used to insulate homes and commercial buildings, can add up to 300% shear strength to the structures which can reduce initial building costs. Energy bills are reduced as much as 60% - a good thing for the planet as well as your wallet. No venting is necessary in vaulted ceilings. Airborne sounds (planes, trains, cars, barking dogs) are greatly reduced when walls and ceilings are sprayed with SPF.

Will foam void my roof warranty?

No, this is another myth. The suggestion here is that your roof sheathing and shingles will not last as long because the spray foam insulation increases the roof surface temperature, by preventing heat from radiating into the attic. While your roof surface temperature may be a bit higher, research shows that the temperature increase is only two to three degrees. For a Gulf coast roof surface that can reach 160 degrees or more during the summer, this is a difference of less than two percent. By comparison, the roof temperature increase just from installing dark colored roof shingles is three times greater.

Is it true that no contractor's license is required to install insulation?

Unfortunately, this is true. And it’s too bad because incorrectly installed insulation can rob you of valuable energy savings and, in the case of fiberglass and cellulose, create conditions for mold, mildew and unhealthy air quality. In addition to having independently verified knowledge and experience, state-licensed contractors are required to meet a variety of financial and continuing education requirements.

Enough about us. Take a tour of our site and let our work speak for us. And if you would like to tell us what you think, send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

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