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We have provided you with a tremendous amount of information on spray foam insulation. The following links bellow will answer all the questions you may have about spray foam insulation. Please view the information boxes below for insulation R-Value.

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Spray Foam Insulation CharacteristicsClosed Cell foam
Thickness (inches) R-Value
1   7
2 14
3 5/8 26.25
5 35
12 42




Spray Foam Insulation CharacteristicsOpen Cell Foam
Thickness (inches) R-Value
3 5/8   13.5
6 22.5
8 30
10.5 37.5
12 45

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EnviroFoam specializes in commercial, residential and pole barn application in the following areas and has crews that travel all over the Unites States:

Springfield Illinois, Chatham Illinois, Bloomington Illinois, Peoria Illinois, Champaign Illinois, normal Illinois, Danville Illinois, Chicago Illinois, Jacksonville Illinois, Marion Illinois, Carbondale Illinois, Alton Illinois, Godfrey Illinois, Belleville Illinois, Edwardsville Illinois, quad cities Illinois and Iowa, davenport Iowa,  Nashville Tennessee, Clarksville Tennessee, Memphis Tennessee, lake of the Ozarks Missouri, Columbia Missouri, St Louis Missouri, Springfield Missouri, Branson Missouri, Indianapolis Indiana, Terre haute, Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Lafayette Indiana

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