Back side of new construction roof deck in
 Springfield Illinois

Closed Cell Foam insulation in 2nd floor

Spray Foam insulation with bright white paint.

1.6 Lb medium density spray foam insulation.
Wall cavity

 Exterior walls new construction 1.6 Lb foam


Installing Spray Foam Insulation in Springfield Illinois, Lincoln Illinois, Decatur Illinois, Litchfield Illinois and the Carlinville Illinois area.


Whether you are building a new home, contemplating an addition or remodel, or simply trying to curb expensive energy bills, let the envirofoam  spray foam experts help you. Homeowners love our products because they can help save money and contractors prefer our seamless spray foam insulation because it lasts longer and makes insulation easier and more effective.

Envirofoam installs all spray foam products from .5 Lb up to 3 Lb. We also carry 1 LB foam medium density foam, 1.6, 1.8 closed cell water blown and 245 fa closed cell foam insulation. Envirofoam proudly installs quality foam product in central Illinois. Trust that your install will be done correctly and in a professional manner. Envirofoam has installed foam for the army corps of engineers, auto dealerships to the average homeowner’s new garage, we have seen and sprayed it all.

Where does envirofoam install?

We install all across America but most of our residential installs are located in Springfield Illinois 62701 62702 62703 62704 62705 62706 62707 62708 62711 62712,
Lincoln Illinois 62656,
Decatur Illinois 62526,
Litchfield Illinois 62056,
Carlinville Illinois 62626,
Chatham Illinois 62629,
Pawnee Illinois 62558
Rochester Illinois 62563
and Jacksonville Illinois 62650


Why Closed cell?

Closed cell spray foam insulation does not absorb moisture. Period. Open cell spray foam insulation absorbs moisture but then dissipates the moisture within a relatively short period of time. This is unlike cellulose or fiberglass, which are porous and will allow moisture to pass right through the insulation, soaking the insulation and ruining its insulating power in the process.

Most moisture problems in houses result from air infiltration through walls and ceilings. Spray foam insulation expands to fill even the smallest cracks and openings in walls and roof sheathings, so these moisture sources are virtually eliminated. Proper construction materials and techniques usually prevent moisture buildup from other sources. Contact us if you have questions about an application with unique moisture characteristics, such as an indoor swimming pool room or a walk-in freezer.

Will foam void my roof warranty?
No, this is another myth. The suggestion here is that your roof sheathing and shingles will not last as long because the spray foam insulation increases the roof surface temperature, by preventing heat from radiating into the attic. While your roof surface temperature may be a bit higher, research shows that the temperature increase is only two to three degrees. For a Gulf coast roof surface that can reach 160 degrees or more during the summer, this is a difference of less than two percent. By comparison, the roof temperature increase just from installing dark colored roof shingles is three times greater.

Is it true that no contractor's license is required to install insulation?
Unfortunately, this is true. And it’s too bad because incorrectly installed insulation can rob you of valuable energy savings and, in the case of fiberglass and cellulose, create conditions for mold, mildew and unhealthy air quality. In addition to having independently verified knowledge and experience, state-licensed contractors are required to meet a variety of financial and continuing education requirements.
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