The preceeding videos are for educational purposes and are public domain.

Spray Foam insulation has numerous advantages over conventional fiberglass or cellulose insulation. Firstly, it has significantly higher R-value per inch. R-value is a measure of Resistance to Heat Flow. The higher the R-value the better a material resists heat flow so the better it is at insulating a home. Fiberglass and cellulose have R-values in the range of R3 – R4 per inch whereas high-density spray foam has R-values around R6 per inch (about twice as good). This means that in a typical 2×6 framed wall, you can get about R19 using fiberglass or cellulose and about R33 using spray foam.


We have compiled a group of envirofoam spray foam insulation videos and informational videos from franchise operators around the country. Please take your time and view what videos we have provided to educate yourself on the installation process of open and closed cell foam insulation. Please contact us with any questions.If you have a new construction home please send plans with your e mail. If you have a pole barn we will need the length, height, width and zip code where it is located.
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