What does it cost

Envirofoam offers a wide Varity of insulation and coatings for your needs. The price will vary slightly from job site to job site, Due to the amount of prep work, windows, height Etc.

Here is a plan we have bid out just to give you an idea of the cost difference between all 4 types of insulation.

Home info: 1812 square feet w/3 car garage - 3 bedrooms 
Partial basement - 2 full baths. basement 8 ft tall - main floor 9 foot tall w/vaults. Bid for client on 1-12-10

                                      Links are in PDF form


Spay foam closed cell       $7,349.67

Spray foam open cell        $5,870.17

Cellulose                          $4,780.00

Batt insulation                   $2,600.00

Do you charge for estimates?

The estimate itself is Free. See below for other charges.


  1. You can always e mail your home plans for a bid and receive the bid back within 48-72 hours for Free.
  2. You can call in with your square footage and get your bid within 48-72 hours for Free.
  3. You can E-Mail your drawing, square footage estimates and pictures to Dan@envirofoamofamerica.com and get your bid for Free.
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